PathPartner technology Announces the Availability of HDR Algorithm and HDR Application for Android

Date: December 2, 2013

BANGALORE, India, December 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --
An optimized and high quality image capture solution for smartphones, tablets and other camera-based devices
PathPartner Technology, a leading provider of embedded multimedia software services and solutions, announces the availability of licensable HDR algorithm for image capture. HDR aims at adding more "dynamic range" to photographs; here dynamic range is the range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image.
The algorithm supports de-ghosting to compensate motion. The HDR algorithm is highly optimized for ARM and DSP architectures to enable fast shot to shot delay.
Key features of PathPartner's HDR Algorithm:
  • Generates a high dynamic intensity range image from a bracket of three different exposures. This dynamic range closely approximates that of the human eye, far surpassing what a camera sensor is capable of in a single click. Effectively, this means the darkest and brightest areas in the image are rendered clearly irrespective of their pixel areas; this is something missed by auto exposure
  • Virtual Tripod effect - Perfect image alignment for compensating user hand shake during image capture
  • De-ghosting option- Motion of subjects in the scene while the differently exposed images are being captured causes ghosting aberrations, which is eliminated intelligently through the de-ghosting algorithm.
  • Supports dynamic exposure value determination based on scene illumination
  • Supports multiple post processing effects to suit the scene mood
  • Full resolution support on any of the Android based devices
  • Algorithm optimized for ARM NEON based multi-core processors using multi-threaded implementation for faster on-device HDR processing
This HDR algorithm is implemented in our latest Android app ppinng!HDR which is a camera application for taking real HDR photos.
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About PathPartner: PathPartner Technology based out of California, USA and Bangalore, India is focused on providing products and services for rich media devices. PathPartner Tech has rich experience in Technology, Engineering & Business practices focusing on audio/video/image codecs, Hardware designs, FPGA designs, video analytics and vision, Imaging, system integration involving media centric devices. We offer system solutions and services for multimedia centric embedded devices
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