PathPartner Technology unveils FPGA based HEVC & HEIF 4K Decoder on Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud

Date: April 9, 2018

The library is available as an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) and trial version can be downloaded to evaluate from the AWS marketplace (
PathPartner, a Product R&D and Design Services firm, today announced the availability of FPGA based HEVC & HEIF 4K Decoder on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as FFMPEG plugin. Several market segments such as Datacentre and Broadcast today demand high performance video solutions with optimal power and cost implications. FPGAs are getting more traction in these application segments due to their performance/cost and the flexibility advantage. PathPartner Technology, Xilinx’s Alliance member, has now made available its FPGA based HEVC & HEIF 4K Decoder IP core on the AWS cloud as FFMPEG Plugin. Free trial version of the AMI can be subscribed at:
Ramkishor Korada, Co-Founder & EVP at PathPartner said, “PathPartner is excited to offer HEVC universal 4K decoding on the cloud. Our expertise in HEVC and in-depth knowledge in FPGA and FFMPEG Software has enabled us to deploy our solution in less than 5 weeks, on this environment. Anybody who is using FFMPEG in AWS workflow, can now invoke HEVC 4K decoder by using a simple prefix -c:v pphevcdec. The library is available as an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) and trial version can be downloaded to evaluate from the AWS marketplace ( The FPGA decoder that runs on AWS EC2 as F1 instance is based on VU9P (Virtex Ultrascale) platform.
Sean Gardner, Senior Marketing Manager at Xilinx said, “The number of video applications moving to the cloud is seeing massive growth. Each of these applications requires decoding capability. With the growing support for HEVC both for video and still images, there is a real need for high density decoding. PathPartner’s solution along with our FPGA offers UHD decoding in a high density manner, enabling companies to scale with their increasing workloads. This can all be done using the industry standard FFmpeg framework which is very exciting.”
With today’s complexities in patent pool & royalty issues facing the codec industry, codec solutions in the cloud becomes an economical sense to various applications including Broadcast. Those looking for accelerated codec solutions can now use FPGA based solutions running in the cloud as pay per use model by invoking the same from the FFMPEG software in AWS environment. There is absolutely no need for the software programmer using this accelerated FPGA codec solution running in cloud to know about FPGAs or RTL programming, as it would be completely abstracted from this environment.

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